Millenium Line

Why is a clamp-on window vastly preferable to a bolted or welded window ? The Millennial clamped-on chassis patented by Dalmas Marine Windows offer the best interfaces between glazing and the structure of the ships recognized to date for the marine use of high technology glazing.


Dalmas Marine Windows products are perfectly matched to their performance and offer the best guarantee of highest standard of technical characteristics and reliability after their installation on board ships with minimal maintenance.


Millenium Windows are fitted onboard the following (non exhaustive) list of warships  (In brackets : number of ships)


  • Horizon class (2),
  • Aquitaine class (8),


  • Orizzonte class (2),
  • Fremm frigates – Bergamini class (8),
  • Luigi Dattilo class (2)
  • LSS (1)


  • Cantabaria class (1),
  • Meteoro class (2)


  • Formidable class (6),


  • Canberra class (2)


  • Baynunah class (6)
  • Falaj 2 class (2)

Our Millenium Windows are a range of customized clamp-on windows, easy to install and extremely reliable and durable over time.

Here is a comparison between welded, bolted and clamped windows :